Student Visa

This application is open to applicants that are 16 or over and seeking admission to a registered place of study in the United Kingdom. Our team of immigration solicitors have helped countless students obtain entry to the UK to complete their chosen course. We understand that British educational institutions are internationally recognised as places of excellence and holding such qualifications can have significant benefits for an individual when seeking future employment. This is why, at Adam Bernard Solicitors, the experience of our department will ensure that your application stands the best chance of success.


  • Fundamental when making an application under this route is that the applicant holds an unconditional offer on a course
  • This offer must be from a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor
  • Courses that are eligible under this route include the following:
  • Where working full-time the applicant will have to meet level 6 of the ‘Ofqual Register’. This includes the following:
  • degree apprenticeship
  • degree with honours – for example bachelor of the arts (BA) hons, bachelor of science (BSc) hons
  • graduate certificate
  • graduate diploma
  • level 6 award
  • level 6 certificate
  • level 6 diploma
  • level 6 NVQ
  • Ordinary degree without honours
  • degree apprenticeship
  • Where working part-time, the applicant will have to be studying a course equivalent to level 7 on the ‘Ofqual Register’.
  • An overseas course of degree level study that is recognised as being equivalent to a UK Higher education course and is being provided by an overseas HEI;
  • A full-time course involving a minimum of 15 hours per week organised daytime study (daytime study is 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday) and (except in the case of a pre-sessional course) that leads to a qualification below degree level, but which must be at a minimum of RQF Level 3 or its equivalents;
  • Undertaking a recognised Foundation Programme as a postgraduate doctor or dentist in the UK;
  • Undertaking work as a Student Union Sabbatical Officer at your Tier 4 sponsoring institution or at the National Union of Students.
  • The applicant must evidence that they meet the maintenance requirements – that they have enough money to support themselves and pay towards their course
  • English Language requirement at a minimum level of B1 (B2 for degree level and above)

As a points-based application, the above needs to be met in order for the applicant to be successful under this route. To ensure that your application meets the required threshold, it is vital that you are given the comprehensive advice that our immigration department will provide. We have completed numerous applications under this route and secured students their education in British institutions. Our immigration solicitors will ensure that every avenue is covered to ensure that your application stands the best chance of success.

Family Members?

It is possible to sponsor family members under this route. This is only the case where:

  • The main applicant is sponsored by their government of origin on a course that lasts longer than 6 months
  • The main applicant has been sponsored by a higher education institution on a level 7 course that lasts over 9 months
  • The main applicant is a student under the Doctorate Extension Scheme


Unfortunately, the Tier 4 student visa route does not lead to settlement. However, it is possible to switch from this category into one that will enable you to do so. To identify the options available to you when your Tier 4 visa is set to expire, visit our team of immigration solicitors in either of our London offices to ensure that you are aware of all the options available to you.

Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Our team of Immigration Solicitors in London have years of experience in conducting these applications
  • We have a high client success rate as evidenced through our client testimonies
  • Such applications can often be daunting for the applicant given the amount of requirements that need to be met. Our immigration department will ensure that you are relieved of any concerns as we guide you through the process.
  • We will ensure that every aspect of your application is covered to ensure you stand the best chance of success.

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