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Legal, Corporate and Commercial Contracts 

Here at London based Adam Bernard Solicitors, we believe that the safeguards and protections within contract law should no longer be reserved for large corporations with costly in-house legal departments. The innovative Legal, Corporate and Commercial Contracts department presents the opportunity for small and medium businesses to gain access to bespoke contracts to suit your business requirements and interests at accessible prices.

We believe that not all contracts are created equally but our department aims to bridge the gap between legal terminology and your business’s best interests. Is your supplier always late? Let us impose a late delivery fee’s clause. Is your small business unincorporated? Allow us to patch that up with our “building your business service”. Are you worried about renting out your second property for the first time? Let our experts draft the tenancy agreement to your specifications.

The Adam Bernard Difference

We like to give our clients a truly high-quality service and more than that, we want our clients to understand the value of what we do. That’s why; with every contract you trust us to complete, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of what the contract consists of in a simple, easy to follow supplementary document. So, you can leave the legal jargon to us.

Let Us Work On Your Contracts; So That They Work For You

We encourage our clients to think about what matters to their business most whether that is saving time, cost effective measures, ethical considerations, or something completely niche. The advantage of having tailor-made contracts are that they can truly represent the aspects that are important to your business, whether this is based on an existing model looking to expand one day or a complete start up.

We work exclusively with small and medium businesses, so we understand that wasted time is much worse than wasted money. That’s why we are committed to not only sparing you from the legal jargon, but we also aim to have your contract returned to you within 4 working days after your FREE consultation.


Gone are the day’s where you enter a law firm unaware of how much of your hard-earned money you will be spending. We are committed to being different, that’s why our fixed price model option allows total clarity and peace of mind. You will be aware after the initial consultation exactly how much the job will cost. Need more than one contract? Why not explore utilise our package service? Packages can be fully customised, speak to one of our advisors today to find the perfect model for you.

Specialist Areas:

  • Ecommerce and IT Services
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Data and Privacy Services
  • Real Estate
  • Employment law
  • Packaged Services

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

What is a contract? A contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties that imposes rights and obligations respectively. What does this mean? Stay with us. As we’re committed to absorbing the jargon; what if I was to tell you that you probably have been party to a contract several times today already. Whether that was on the tube on the way to work, buying coffee or the fact that you attended work at all was all reliant on contracts.

So, what forms a contract? Contrary to popular belief not all legally binding contracts are written, as oral contracts are also binding in most situations in Contract Law. In fact, the method of communication in which a contract is made is immaterial, which means even a nod of the head, (providing that all the other elements that form a contract are also established) can form a contract, although for clarity and evidential purposes it is always advised to ensure all important agreements are written. For a contract to be legally binding it only requires four key elements; Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, and Intention to Create Legal Relations.

The Initial Offer Element

This comprises of one party making an offer or proposal to the other. Alone, it does not create a legally binding contract and the person or entity offering it can only fulfil this aspect of the contract if they intent to be bound by the terms that they are offering. Offer’s must always be certain to a degree and cannot be ambiguous in nature; for example, “The Rolex will be around £2,000-£6,000”, could be considered uncertain as a opposed to, “The Rolex is priced at £4,500”. This ensures that both parties are completely clear on what they are respectively offering and accepting.

The Acceptance Element

Acceptance is exactly as it sounds; it entails saying “yes” to the proposed offer. In this situation, this should be a response that’s considered to be informed, informed in that it requires the subsequent party to understand the terms to which they are agreeing including price.

Concrete Consideration Element

Consideration makes up the price that a party pays in exchange for the promise (good/service) from the other. An interesting aspect of consideration is the peppercorn concept whereby the price paid does not need to reflect the value of the product, instead the mere fact that something is paid in consideration of the offer is enough. For example, someone paying half price for a coat that someone else paid full price for is not indictive of any less of a contract taking place.

Intent To Create A Legal Relationship

The fourth and perhaps most essential element is that both party’s consent to being a part of the legal obligation and to be entering a legally binding agreement. A legally binding agreement is an agreement that is recognised by law. This element can be fulfilled as most contracts are between two businesses or a business and an individual, the law applies the standard of the assumption of a reasonable person, so in these circumstances it is usually clear that there was a definite intention to create a legal relationship.

Overview of Our Contractual Services

We provide the following contractual services:

  • Employment Law
  • eCommerce and IT
  • Data and Privacy
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Real Estate

Employment Law

  • Agency Worker contract
  • Apprentice Contract / Agreement
  • Commission Agreement
  • Contributors’ agreement
  • Employee Contract (Junior)
  • Employment Contract (Senior)
  • Internship Contract
  • Non-compete Agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement (pro-discloser)
  • Non-disclosure agreement (pro-recipient)
  • Partnership Agreement (LLP)
  • Sub-Contractor Agreement (Back to Back)
  • Zero Hour / Casual worker contract

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eCommerce and IT

  • eCommerce Terms and Conditions
  • IT Services Agreement
  • Market place (Online) Terms and Conditions
  • Mobile App End User Agreement
  • Mobile App Privacy Policy
  • Online consumer services and digital content Terms and Conditions
  • Online Goods and Services Terms and Conditions
  • Online Subscription Terms and Conditions
  • Online Supply of Goods (b2b)
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Software as a Service Subscription Agreement
  • Website acceptable Use Policy
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • White Label Agreement (Mobile App) (non-subscription)

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Data and Privacy

  • Data Access Request (Initial Response)
  • Data Access Request (detailed response)
  • Data Access Request (Form)
  • Data Processing Agreement (no personal data)
  • Data Processing Agreement controller to processor within UK and UK to EEA
  • Data Protection policy (personal data)
  • Data Sharing Agreement controller to controller
  • Privacy Policy (website)

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Commercial Contracts

  • Business Terms and conditions
  • Company Shareholders Agreement (Majority and Minority / Joint ventures)
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Engagement Letters
  • Equipment Hire Agreement
  • Goods and Services Agreement (in person)
  • Managed Services Agreement
  • Marketing agency agreement
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding (Joint Ventures)
  • Outsourcing Services Agreement / IT or complex processes
  • Outsourcing Services Agreement / less complicated processes/ Contractors
  • Referral Agreement
  • Services Agreement (pro-customer)
  • Services Agreement (pro-supplier)
  • Shareholders Agreement (between individuals)
  • Supply of Goods Agreement
  • Supply of Services Agreement

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Real Estate

  • Commercial Tenancy
  • Consultancy Agreement
  • Residential Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • We are committed to doing things different; that’s why we offer a wide, innovative range of contracts that you simply won’t find anywhere else.
  • We are insistent upon excellent value; our fixed price model will ensure that you don’t encounter any surprises along the way.
  • We want you to understand the value of our work; therefore, we will provide you with a supplementary easy-to-read break down every time we complete a contract for you.
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