Why should you hire a commercial contract lawyer?

Why should you hire a commercial contract lawyer?

A commercial contract is a major part of the business world. These contractual relationships are a lot more prevalent than one might realise. This blog intends to deconstruct the importance of hiring a lawyer to meet your contract needs, as opposed to attempting to use a one size fits all template. This will be done by emphasising three main points – that at London-based Adam Bernard specialised legal advice will ensure that you stay informed, a priority to the firm and protected.

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What is a contract? What is a good contract?

An agreement between two or more parties might be considered a contract – whether it be written or oral. They are especially common and important in commercial areas concerning sales, employment and even property, such as share-holder agreements or joint-venture agreements.

An “enforceable contract” means that if one were to break the terms set out in the contract, they can be liable for damages and to provide a remedy to the damages as a result of said breach.

This blog will refer to a good contract as one which fares better if there is ever such a breach, ensuring that there are clear and specific terms and conditions tailored toward your business requirements. “One size fits all” contracts ie. template contracts found on search engines, provide little to no potential for keeping informed, a priority and protected.

See: https://www.adambernards.co.uk/legal-contracts/business-contracts/

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What is a contract lawyer? How can a contract lawyer benefit ‘your end result’?

“Repeating an old formula may not deliver what is needed… There are no prizes for buying the wrong thing” (Cram, 2022)

A contract lawyer at Adam Bernard’s can be hired on an as-need basis, to ensure you leave with a critical contract tailored to your business needs. Commercial contract lawyers go through vast amounts of education to better understand laws and legal terminology. With such an important task, it is vital you allow an expert in contract law to advise your business, especially in shifting and changing times – Adam Bernard can keep you up to date.

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Stay informed

London-based Adam Bernard soliticor’s strategy maintains that you stay informed, avoiding finding yourself in breach of a contract without realising. Without specific and fully informed advice, you may leave out important liability-protecting clauses out of your contracts to begin with. Working with knowledgeable lawyers can help with these problems. A contract lawyer is aware of the most direct and clear legal language to reduce the risk of ambiguous, and thus, defenceless terms. While legal costs seem avoidable, it is always better to have a clear and specific contract than defending a bad contract. Adam Bernard secures you a competitive advantage, security and efficiency by keeping you informed.
It is too common of a scenario where a contract is invalid from its very inception. In light of new legislation where the English Courts are not bound to “re-write a bad bargain” between commercial parties, businesses are more at risk of finding themselves in an irreversible bad contract. (Smith, 2022) It is the duty, and privilege, of Adam Bernard Commercial Contract Lawyers to ensure that you stay informed through the process of drafting your contract, to finalise an advantageous, secure and protective contract.


Stay prioritised

Contract lawyers will offer a potential to consider recommendations and adjustments to ensure that your contract is tailored specifically to your business. A business’ contract will require specific and malleable advice. Contract lawyers at Adam Bernard will have your best interests prioritised, to give you more bargaining and negotiating power in contract cases. By discerning what is important to you and the needs of your business, a contract lawyer will offer you a significant advantage of foresight – predicting possible issues and safeguarding these in your contract. By prioritising the needs of your business, over the limited advantages a template contract presents, you will leave with a critical and clear contract.


Stay protected

Safeguarding and protections within contract law should not be exclusive to large corporations with costly in-house legal departments. Adam Bernard ensures that your business requirements are met in order to maximise legal protection, maintaining an effective risk management strategy and providing long-term security. This feeling of security passes onto the rest of the business, employees and other commercial relationships. This advantage is unmatched to the simplicity of a template contract. If in the scenario of a breach of contract, the ideal resource for enforcing your contract will be the person who helped you draft it. In this way, Adam Bernard offers significant risk protection prior to and after the drafting of the document.
Figure 4: Judicial proceedings because of contract breach

Thus, while template contracts who assume a one size fits all approach to these vital documents might provide a cost-saving, and perhaps simpler strategy, there is no long-term advantage these can provide. Adam Bernard offers a combined advantage of efficiency and risk management, by ensuring you stay informed within the process, a priority to the firm and completely protected.

As contracts provide the foundation of a business, make sure you build a strong one with Adam Bernard’s expert Commercial Contract Lawyers who are able to provide a wide range of contractual services including: industry-specific, data protection, employment, commercial tenancy, sales and many more.

We offer a free 15 minute consultation and operate strictly on a fixed fee basis.

We offer a value based fixed-fee service, contact us today on 02071002525 for your free initial consultation and quotation based on your requested agreement.

Sara Hussain

Commercial Contract Specialist

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