Residential & Commercial Conveyancing

Residential & Commercial Conveyancing

We have a very experienced and dedicated team with 10 years’ experience in UK-based residential and commercial conveyancing. Our experienced solicitors can advise on most commercial matters, including commercial property. We provide fix fee quotations for our clients and a full breakdown of costs upfront so that our clients will have knowledge of the exact costs involved in transaction.

Residential & Commercial Conveyancing Services

Residential Properties

  • Purchase of Property
  • Sale of Property
  • Auction property conveyancing
  • Conveyancing for repossessed properties
  • Conveyancing for builders and developers
  • Enfranchisement
  • New Buy Scheme
  • Shared ownership
  • Equity release
  • Gift Transfers

Commercial Properties

  • Purchase & Sale of Shop or Business Lease
  • Lease Extensions
  • Grant of New Lease
  • Lenience to Assign
  • Grant and Assignment of Leases
  • Surrender of Commercial Leases
  • Commercial Property & Business Agreement
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