Change of Name by Deed

Change of Name by Deed

In order to legally be known by another name, it is necessary for an individual to change their name via deed poll. This is a legal document and ensures that you will legally be known as the alternative that you desire. Many institutions/organisations will not recognise a change of name that is done by an individual on their own, even though this is technically possible to do. A deed poll, authorised and drafted by our team of solicitors, will ensure that all official documents such as driving licenses and passports, will document your desired name.

Marriage/Civil Partnership

It is not a requirement to change your name via deed poll when you marry your spouse. Upon sending a copy of your marriage certificate to the relevant body, your documents will be updated for free.

However, it might be necessary in the event of a divorce. In such events, to revert back to your original name, come to either of our London offices and our team of immigration solicitors will be able to guide you through the process.

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