Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Real estate forms an integral part of the Legal, Commercial, Corporate contracts department as it facilitates the agreement which sets out the terms and conditions for renting a building which is also known as a tenancy agreement. We draft residential tenancy agreements that center around providing tenants accommodation and also commercial based tenancies which accommodate buildings that typically have a capacity to host a business or a sector of a business.

Residential Tenancy Agreements

A residential tenancy agreement is the contract used by a landlord to rent out a residential dwelling (not for business/commercial use) to a tenant. The contract will encompass important details such as the duration of the tenancy, any applicable break clauses and any rules or obligations that the tenant and landlord must follow. It is important that tenancy agreements are drafted in accordance with the particular house as it enables landlords to put in specific provisions to ensure the building is properly maintained and that the provisions included accommodate daily living. It can also take into rules that the landlord must follow as the owner of the house so that they can be observed and maintained by tenants. The landlord is under rule of strict statutory obligations to ensure the safety and upkeep of the dwelling and can face serious legal complications if they were to neglect this.

Commercial Tenancy Agreements £1,600

In its simplest form a commercial tenancy is a lease to let out a building for commercial or business-based purposes. Although the basic concept of a tenancy remains the same as it is one party allowing the other to use the space for an agreed fixed fee; the interests of business’s greatly differ from the interest of private residential tenants who require enhanced safeguarding as opposed to those who are renting a space for strictly business-related purposes. Specific terms that can be added include considerations for the business types as well as their commercial activities, also as commercial properties are often purchased for investment purposes the landlord is more inclined to protect the buildings value and to include terms within the agreement that allow them to increase rent as the buildings value increases.

Services Agreements

It is becoming increasingly popular for landlords who perhaps own several properties or do not have the time or resources to personally manage services for their tenants, to outsource these services. This could typically include cleaners, inventory specialists, as well as general and emergency maintenance. A services agreement works to provide contractors an outline of their responsibilities, times, and general provisions to pre-empt situations that may occur and to provide a remedy for them. As the services are provided by businesses and aren’t provided by employee’s this differs from a traditional employment contract and relieves the landlord of many obligations that an employer would owe an employee.

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