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    You can directly call us, fill in the form above or use the chat button here to get in touch with us. Let’s discuss for 10-minutes and we do not charge for that – during that session, we can find out if we can solve your issue and only if we are confident and you are convinced, we will work further. So please get in touch with us ASAP – we are looking forward to it!

    General Information about Housing Law

    If you are a landlord looking for Evicting A Tenant, click here.
    If you are a tenant facing an Unlawful Eviction, click here.
    If your matter is related to something else, you can contact us right now or browse our menu to find what you are looking for.

    At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we ensure that all members of our team are up to date with the latest legal developments. Our team regularly attends training to facilitate this. Whether your case is straightforward or difficult, make contact with our offices to ensure that you are comprehensively advised on your matter and you stand the best prospect of success.

    Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

    • We offer competitive fees and are willing to set up a payment structure to suit your needs.
    • Our team have years of experience in navigating this market and protecting the rights of our clients regarding such issues.
    • We have ensured that numerous landlords and clients were able to resolve their matters and attain the results that they desire. Please refer to our client testimonies in confirmation of the same.
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