Sponsor Licence Application

All UK employers must apply for a sponsorship licence application to employ a skilled worker from overseas through skilled worker visa.
Sponsor Licences have different categories depending on the need of the organisation. Typically, the type of job decides which category of licence, the sponsor needs to apply for. The types of Sponsor Licence are:

Worker Licence

  • Temporary Licence

It is the responsibility of the organisation to adhere various activities as the sponsor of a foreign worker from hiring him till the period of his employment.

Representative must be someone with a senior position within the organisation.
To achieve a successful outcome of your sponsor licence application, you should be in position to prove that you are a legitimate business having a genuine position to fill within your organisation.

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Eligibility Requirements

To secure a sponsor licence, the employer must:

  • There shouldn’t be unspent convictions or offence committed by the employer in order to apply for the sponsorship Licence.
  • There shouldn’t be a history of the employer with breaching the sponsor duties in the past.

To achieve a successful outcome of Sponsor Licence, the employer should provide the detailed information of their organisation.

The new immigration rules exempted the sponsors to advertise for the role for 28 days under a RLMT. However, the Home Office may still expect the employer to conduct proper selection and recruitment procedures to prove that the employment of the foreign worker is genuine.

The organisation is obligated to fulfil a number of other duties and responsibilities as the employer of an overseas worker.

The employer will need to complete the Appendix A sponsor licence form to apply for a sponsor licence.

Requesting Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

Anyone who is applying for a skilled worker visa should acquire a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from an employer. The employer should have a sponsorship licence in order to request for a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), which is subsequently assigned to the employee to apply for skilled worker visa.

The CoS must be requested with the detailed information of the job description of your prospective employee. You must include information on their job role and expected salary on the request. If there is any discrepancy between the CoS and their actual duties, the sponsor licence can be suspended.

UKVI issues two different types of Certificates of Sponsorship –

  • Defined
  • Undefined

Defined Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

The defined CoS has a limit of 20,700 each year. The employer must complete the details correctly to ensure you are able to employ your migrant worker. Defined CoS is assigned to the migrant workers for entry clearance. Dependants of student visa holders can switch in the UK with the help of the defined CoS without needing to leave the country like the other routes which won’t allow to switch from a dependant to main applicant in country

Undefined CoS of Sponsorship (CoS)

The undefined CoS is assigned to the foreign workers wanting to extend or switch their visa in the UK.

Sponsor Licence Application Fee

The fee for the application varies depending on the size of the organisation, as per the table below.

Small or charitable sponsor fee (SME) Medium or large sponsor fee
£536 £1,476

Sponsor Licence Management Roles

The Sponsor will need to assign duties to various members within the organisation for managing sponsorship process when the licence is applied. The sponsor licence duties will be conducted via the sponsorship management system (SMS).

There will be specific roles which you need to fill to carry out the necessary tasks:

  • The key contact: They are the main point of contact with the UKVI
  •  Authorising officer: The senior person within the business. They will be responsible for the actions performed by the staff and representatives
  • Level 1 user: One who will be responsible for the day-to-day activities and management of the licence

The roles above can be performed by only one person if needed. At least one of the level 1 users must be an employee within the business. However, other level 1 and level 2 users can be a part of the third-party organisations or representatives

Documents Required for Sponsor Licence Application

In order to apply for Sponsor licence, you will need to provide certain supporting documents. To apply for a skilled worker sponsor licence for a migrant worker, you will need to provide at least four documents. The documents vary from organisation to organisation and the job you need to fill.

After submitting the online application for the sponsor licence on the UKVI, you will need to provide the necessary documents within 5 working days. The documents should be either a scanned copy of the original or certified copies, which will be uploaded on the link provided by the UKVI in their email sent to the Authorising Officer.

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Sponsor Licence Rating

Once your Sponsor Licence is approved by UKVI, the organisation will be given an A-Rated Licence

If you do not perform your duties in line with the guidance as a sponsor, the licence could be downgraded to a B rating or even suspended.

In this situation, the UKVI will put you on action plan which you will need to follow to upgrade your licence back to an A-rating. The action plan fee is £1,476.
You will be restricted to issue a new certificate of sponsorship until you suffice the action plan requirements that you have made improvements and allow you to upgrade the licence back to the A-rating

Sponsor Duties

There are numerous duties you will need to fulfil as a sponsor to employee an overseas worker, throughout the employment period.

As Sponsor, you must:

  • To keep a check that your foreign workers have all the necessary skills and qualifications for the role with evidence.
  • Only assign Certificates of Sponsorship to workers when the job is suitable for a candidate and creating a genuine vacancy.
  • Report to the UKVI if your employee is not complying with the conditions and breaching the terms of their visa.

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Sponsor Licence Renewal

A Sponsor Licence renewal is a process allowing you to continue to employ overseas workers legally in the UK. The Sponsor Licence can be renewed within three months of the expiry date on your licence. The duration of getting a decision on renewal can vary depending on individual circumstances.

The Sponsorship Licence renewal application is submitted through the Sponsor Management System (SMS). SMS plays a vital role being a sponsor for carrying out number of activities for keeping UKVI updated with the foreign worker activities. You can also issue Certificate of Sponsorship through this tool. In renewing Sponsor Licence, UKVI’s main concern is to check whether you have kept up-to-date and detailed records of your sponsored employees while holding your current Sponsor Licence.

At Adam Bernard Solicitors we can help you

The process of Renewal is simple but very complex. Many businesses assume that the process is too simple to apply, and they make mistakes. You do not need to worry at this stage as there are no limit on the number of attempts you can apply. However, each time you apply will incur a cost of renewal, which can be expensive and laborious job. For this reason, it is advised to seek professional help to get it right in the first attempt and save you time and money.
Our team of corporate and fine immigration lawyers can assist you through the entire renewal process making sure that it is conducted in line with the UKVI requirements. We will be assigning your own lawyer who specialises in corporate/ business immigration law. This lawyer will help you to secure and organise all the supporting documents, which will be checked and assessed thoroughly. They will also guide and train you with use of the SMS, making sure that the renewal application is lodged properly.

Call us on 0207 100 0505/0207 100 2525 to arrange your initial consultation with one of our lawyers.

Compliance Advice and Consulting:

  • Overview
  • HR Support and Training
  • Immigration Audit
  • Compliance Training


The UKVI updates its extensive lists of published guidance and appendices relating to the requirements on a regular basis, which sponsor licence holders must adhere.

It is therefore a duty of Sponsors to keep them up-to-date and make themselves fully aware of the changes made my UKVI in the policies.

We at Adam Bernard Solicitors can assist you with the following services:

  • We provide In-house training to your Authorising officer, Level 1 and Level 2 users on SMS, reporting and immigration updates.
  • Training on immigration due diligence, right to work checks and the prevention of illegal working with the help of employer checking service.
  • How to maintain record keeping and monitoring duties.
  • Advice on advertising in compliance with the Resident Labour Market Test.
  • Performing role plays of immigration audits to assess your knowledge on Sponsor duties as sponsorship licence holder and
  • Acting as your legal representatives on official UKVI audits/ compliance visits.
    In case your business has downgraded to a category B rating we can also help to effectively monitor the implementation of any recommended action plan in order to reinstate your licence’s A rating category.

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