Package Based Services

Package Based Services 

We understand that you might need more than one contract, particularly for start-up’s but also for innovative existing businesses that wish to step up their contract game. In response, we offer to you our innovative one-stop contract service designed around Three key areas where a volume of contract’s may be desired, so that we can bring you the most efficient and cost friendly options. We also offer an innovative contract analysis service so that we can breakdown areas of an existing contract into an easy-to-follow summary. All our packages are fully customisable, speak to one of our advisor’s today to see how we can answer all of your contractual needs with one comprehensive service. We are also always open to your suggestions and can discuss the possibility of a custom package to suit your business’s needs.

Building Your Business Service

We understand that your business is your livelihood and that you may not have the time to think about incorporating or registering your business. However, here at Adam Bernard Solicitors we are passionate about your business being set up with the best possible legal protections.

We will consult with yourself and shareholders to establish a full picture of what your business requires at the starting stage. We think of this as the foundations of the building, without solid foundations you are very much risking the whole thing falling later. This is particularly important if you have plans to expand the business model or perhaps enter a partnership.

We believe in your business and that’s why we believe that your business deserves the best.

What is the process of business start-up in the U.K.?

  1. Choose business structure, for example, limited company or a limited liability partnership.
  2. Choose a name and ensure that it does not feature any prohibited language and that it has not been taken by another business.
  3. Choose Directors and Secretary, there is no longer a requirement for limited companies to have a secretary although they are still a popular addition.
  4. Establish shareholders, these will be the people that own shares that make up part of the company. Share’s correlate to the percentage of profit owed to the shareholder, those that own more than 25% of the shares in a company must also be listed as a Person of Significant Control (PSC).
  5. Prepare documents on how to run company; the two important documents are the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. The memorandum of association a legal document that is signed by all the initial shareholders who agree to form the company. The articles of association are essentially the rule book on how the company will be run and these tend to address a range of possible circumstances as well as the processes and procedures that will be in place.
  6. Check what records you need to keep
  7. Register company with SIC code

Registering your business ensures that it is a separate legal entity from yourself means that in the unfortunate case that your business is sued, you will not personally be sued and that in the eyes of the law, the business remains separate from yourself.

Custom Articles of Association

As mentioned above, the Articles of Association govern the way that your company is ran and seek to address any foreseeable problems in the future. There is the option to adopt the standard article’s known as ‘Model Articles’, however these are general in nature. The advantage of custom articles is that they are generated with your business’s industry, vision, and set-up structure in mind and set the rules for procedural decisions in the future.

Partnership Agreement

The classic Partnership may comprise of friends or family members, and you may think what is the need for a formal partnership agreement? A Partnership Agreement acts to mitigate and address the procedure for any potential issues that could arise with two or more people working together with the view of profit in mind. Practically, it addresses day-to-day responsibilities of the partners to promote a heathy working environment whereby no one is unsure of their responsibilities in running the business and is an invaluable guidance for any disputes in the future. For example, if one partner leaves, sells their shares, or breaks a term of the partnership agreement.

Analyse your contract service

The Legal, Commercial and Corporate Contracts department is committed to making the law accessible for all. Our “Analyse your contract” service will allow you to submit your contract for comprehensive analysis and you will receive a summary of the terms in an easy-to-read breakdown summary document.

One Stop Employee Check Service

Our One Stop Employee Check Service can be used in order to commission a range of contracts for the range of employees that make up your organisation. Enquire today for your tailor-made package at a competitive price.

Employment contracts

Employees are the most valuable asset of every organisation; a solid contract of employment ensures that they are aware of important terms such as their pay, working hours and the nature of their responsibilities. This can avoid complications in the future when one party may not hold up their end of the bargain as it can offer remedies that both parties have already mutually agreed to.

Organisational and job function related needs are incredibly specific to businesses, as such, there are many types of employment contracts; Fixed-term contracts, Full-time and Part-time agreements, Temporary term contracts, Zero Hours contracts, Internship contracts and Apprentice contracts. See our Employment law section for more information.

The Digital Nomad Package

Calling all tech start-ups and ecommerce businesses, this package is designed for you in mind. Here at Adam Bernard, we are moving with the times, and we recognise the emerging market of digital nomad’s and your needs in being a tech based online business or platform. Tech based commercial activities are becoming increasingly legislated and it’s more crucial than ever to ensure that your business protects its interests and the information of its customers in accordance with current laws and regulations.

Services we offer as part of this package are Terms and Conditions for both mobile and computer-based Applications (Apps), eCommerce Terms and Conditions, Marketplace Terms and Conditions, Online Supply of Goods Contracts, Website Acceptable Use Policies, Managed Services Contracts, Privacy and Cookie policies as well as a range of other specific contracts. See our Ecommerce and IT services and Data and Privacy pages for greater detail and a greater list of options to accommodate your business needs. This package can be fully customised to suit your businesses needs and specifications.

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Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • We are committed to doing things different; that’s why we offer a wide, innovative range of contracts that you simply won’t find anywhere else.
  • We are insistent upon excellent value; our fixed price model will ensure that you don’t encounter any surprises along the way.
  • We want you to understand the value of our work; therefore, we will provide you with a supplementary easy-to-read break down every time we complete a contract for you.
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