Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Our Commercial contract service deals with all aspects of agreements between two or more parties that wish to carry out commercial based activities. This covers a wide range of contractual services and differ from consumer contracts as all entities within the contract are businesses. Please be mindful that is by no means an exhaustive list of all we offer, if you have any queries for commercial contracts that are not listed below, please feel free to get in touch to enquire.

Business Terms and conditions £1,600

Business terms and conditions represents the terms and conditions that the business operates under. These form an essential part of all that the business does and often will be amongst the most important documents. Typical terms include a comprehensive description of the product and/or service that the business distributes, any warranties made by the business, limitations, and the law in which the business is governed. These are similar to terms and conditions that you may commonly find on a website; however, these are often more useful as they can be referred to in a range of different contracts as they will be specific to your business model, the values held by the business and the internal policies in place to remain compliant with legislation.

Company Shareholders Agreement (Majority and Minority / Joint ventures) £1,600

We provide a range of shareholder agreements in order to accommodate a variety of share arrangements. The agreement seeks to regulate the way in which shareholders behave in accordance with the day-to-day management of the company. More essentially, it sets out who owns the shares that make up the company as well as the way they are protected, issued and how the most important decisions are made. Whilst this may in part be covered by the articles of association, a shareholder’s agreement can add an extra layer of defence as it is more specific in nature.

Consultancy Agreement / Contractor Agreement

A consultancy or contractors agreement comes into effect when a business requires an expert within a field for a specific purpose or project. The agreement will encapsulate the responsibilities, terms and conditions of the agreement including time frame, conditions of pay and any supplies or equipment needed. The other party may be an individual or a business and these must be very specific in nature to ensure that the interests of both parties are safeguarded.

Contributors’ agreement

There are a wide range of uses for a contributors’ agreement whether this be for television, plays or written contributions. The agreement dictates the terms to which the property produced belongs to the contributor and the use permitted by the business who has perhaps hired them (intellectual property rights). This is an essential aspect of copyright safeguarding as it ensures that these rights held by either the business or contributor are clearly defined.

Services Agreement

A services agreement covers a plethora of business-to-business interactions whereby a business would outsource their needs to another company. It is an essential addition that helps to regulate this interaction and ensures that the product or service needed is as required/expected and that it delivered in accordance with the needs of the business.

Distribution Agreements £1,600

A distribution agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the way in which a businesses goods will be sold to the end user. This is useful in limiting potential commercially harmful actions when the original manufacturer is not aware of the function for which the goods will be used. There are also clauses that can be included to make the agreement exclusive or nonexclusive depending on the nature of the product at hand.

Engagement Letters £750

An engagement letter is essential in limiting the liability for professionals particularly in areas that are highly regulated such as law and finance. It serves to indemnify both people and businesses in potential legal action on the basis of advice that a client has sought from them. The letter ensures that both parties interests are fulfilled as it clarifies that the arrangement is not forceful or misleading or claiming to be completely accurate and certain. The nature of the engagement letter will differ depending on the industry that it seeks to indemnify itself against and the regulatory framework that would emerge as a result of this.

Goods and Services Agreement £1,050

Goods and Services agreements covers the total agreement between the business and the consumer. Within businesses where the end user is a individual the sales of goods act would be taken into account whereas, for a business to business transaction the supply of goods would be the legal framework to take into account.

Hire Agreement /Hire Purchase Agreement £750

In the wake of the pandemic and inevitable financial instability, companies are seeking out new ways to improve cashflow within their business. A hire or hire purchase agreement ensures that companies are able to buy larger goods with flexible payment options (Hire-Purchase Agreement) or to hire out the goods for prolonged use (Hire Agreement).

Master Service Agreement £1,600

A master service agreement is for two businesses who trade together regularly in order to set out the framework for the terms and conditions for the entirety of their transactions. This agreement will be drafted with the interests of both parties in mind and can be used to underpin subsequent contract’s entered into by both parties.

Memorandum of Understanding (Joint Ventures) £1,050

A memorandum of understanding can be used as a starting point in negotiations between two or more parties, commonly this is used at the beginning of a joint venture agreement. It can be drafted in a way that is not legally binding but still extremely useful non-the-less in providing the framework for early discussions of ideas and thoughts.

Non-compete / Non-solicitation Agreement

A non-compete agreement can form its own agreement but is also a common part of an employment contract as it seeks to limit the scope of activities that the party bound by it is able to carry out following their employment. It can also be used for contractor’s and contributors who are not employees as such but may still gain private knowledge of a company during the time they are there. As an agreement it is essential in protecting the commercial interests of your business in the near future.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

A non-disclosure agreement works to preserve any potentially sensitive or private information from being made public or being told to any third party. These are commonly used in practice within the negotiation stage where companies may need to disclose private information to precure services. They are also a popular addition to employment contracts as employees are often party to sensitive information as part of their job.

IT Services Agreement / Service Level Agreement

An Information Technology Services agreement is a business-to-business (B2B) agreement that is specific to IT related businesses who offer a range of services that can include webhosting, helpdesk services amongst a range of other industries. It ensures that the list of responsibilities that the business is required to carry out are outlined as well as, sanctions and procedures for not carrying these out by a specific time period.

Partnership Agreement (LLP)

The classic Partnership may comprise of friends or family members, and you may think what is the need for a formal partnership agreement? A Partnership Agreement acts to mitigate and address the procedure for any potential issues that could arise with two or more people working together with the view of profit in mind. Practically, it addresses day-to-day responsibilities of the partners to promote a heathy working environment whereby no one is unsure of their responsibilities in running the business and is an invaluable guidance for any disputes in the future. For example, if one partner leaves, sells their shares, or breaks a term of the partnership agreement.

Referral Agreement £750

A referral agreement is a great way to get the absolute best talent for your organisation. It sets an incentive for employees or other companies to refer clients or leads which can ensure that you have an advantage in recruitment and best of all, you can decide the terms and conditions that underpin the entire arrangement.

The Supply of Goods Agreement £1,050

The supply of goods contracts focuses on using business terms of services in order to control and regulate how goods are supplied by one business. Depending on the bargaining powers of the parties, this can be a mutually beneficial agreement. It deals with such terms as quantity of items, the expected quality, the time, and terms of delivery. A supply agreement should be drafted accordingly to the transaction and companies taking part as every industry and every business operates uniquely.

Director’s Service Agreement £1,600

It may seem a little strange to have a director’s service agreement as a small business, however, it is very much an essential safeguard to ensure that the interest of the business is protected for the entire duration in which it is a company, whether this is as a private limited company or a public company. This differs greatly from a standard employment contract as it has added responsibilities and duties that are also underpinned by the directors’ duties imposed by the Companies Act 2006.

Collaboration Agreement £1,050

A collaboration agreement is an a legally binding contract between two or more entities (usually businesses or a business and an individual), setting out the terms of them working together as part of a project that one or both entities will benefit from. This is an essential agreement that ensures that those involved are clear on their responsibilities, obligations, and the purpose of the project.

Master Franchise Agreement £1,600

This is an agreement specifically for those who wish to be the franchisor and this agreement will facilitate the start of a franchise. This is inclusive of the terms, conditions, sanctions, rules, and regulations that are needed to be a franchisor and to recruit franchisees.

Standard Franchise Agreement £1,050

A standard franchise agreement will feature all off the terms that the franchisee requires in order to set up their own individual franchise store in accordance with the franchiser’s specifications. It specifically includes the rights that are granted, the fees that are due to the franchisor and all of the obligations that are owed to the franchisor to the franchisee.

Deed Of Variation Contract £750

A deed of variation contract is required when there is an existing agreement in place that requires some clauses to be changed or updated. This can be an effective way to save money on creating an entire new agreement by simply adding in the clauses in a separate agreement that should be used in conjunction with the existing agreement, this would only be binding granted that it signed by all parties involved in the initial contract.

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