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Contracts of Employment

Employees are the most valuable asset of every organisation; a solid contract of employment ensures that they are aware of important terms such as their pay, working hours and the nature of their responsibilities. This can avoid complications in the future when one party may not hold up their end of the bargain as it can offer remedies that both parties have already mutually agreed to. We offer many different terms within our contracts, such as those for a fixed term as well as, part-time and full time.

Junior Employee Contract

A junior employee contract will be inclusive of the terms and conditions that an employer would impose on anyone working as part of their organisation. More than this, our range of junior employee contracts can be altered to be fitting for a range of junior employees such as administration staff, personal assistants and junior associates so that you receive a comprehensive contract that can be easily altered to suit any/all of these job functions.

Senior Employee Contract

We recommend that these are reserved for management and those who have more substantial roles within the business as senior employee contracts tend to be much more complex in nature. They can incorporate a range of business specific terms and responsibilities as well as non-compete and non-disclosure clauses.

Consultancy Agreement / Contractor Agreement

A consultancy or contractors agreement comes into effect when a business requires an expert within a field for a specific purpose or project. The agreement will encapsulate the responsibilities, terms and conditions of the agreement including time frame, conditions of pay and any supplies or equipment needed. The other party may be an individual or a business and these must be very specific in nature to ensure that the interests of both parties are safeguarded.

Contributors’ agreement

There are a wide range of uses for a contributors’ agreement whether this be for television, plays or written contributions. The agreement dictates the terms to which the property produced belongs to the contributor and the use permitted by the business who has perhaps hired them (intellectual property rights). This is an essential aspect of copyright safeguarding as it ensures that these rights held by either the business or contributor are clearly defined.

Sub-Contractor Agreement

We are extremely conscious of the different needs that different business in diverse industries require, as such, a sub-contractor agreement can pass on the responsibilities of an initial contractor to a business to another third party. This ensures that your business doesn’t loose its credibility if for some reason you are not able to carry out your contractual responsibilities as well as to avoid possible breaches of contract claims.

Zero Hour / Casual worker contract

A casual worker contract is essential for businesses that are unsure of what work there will be for an employee to carry out and as such, may have employees that are on standby. The difference between a casual worker contract and a zero-hour contract is that a casual worker may refuse work when offered but a zero-hours employee may be limited in doing so.

Agency Worker Agreement

An agency worker agreement will summarise the agreement between an agency and its employee and the responsibilities of that employee when working within a business. An agency worker is defined as one that works temporarily for a set time on behalf of an agency. This is different to those simply recruited for a fixed term role.

Temporary term contracts

A temporary term employment contract is essential for hiring seasonal or fixed term workers and is often used by businesses to carry out a momentary surplus in business operations, where, for a fixed time they may require additional employees. It can also be used to cover a permanent position where an employee may have to leave their post for an extended period of time such as for long term illnesses or maternity and paternity leave.

Internship contracts

There are huge legal distinctions between the benefits that an employee is able to deserve that an intern would not be entitled to. This includes the right to a minimum wage which is due to the fact that an internship contract is not technically an employee contract as interns are typically bought into a business to expand their own knowledge and skill rather than to carry out work that benefits the company. Therefore, your internship agreement should be drafted with this in mind and to be mindful to not give rise to an unintentional contract of employment.

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