Tier 2 – Work Permit General Workers

Tier 2 – Skilled Workers

This visa route allows skilled workers from outside the EEA to come to the United Kingdom in order to work. It is an entry clearance only application. In order to be eligible under this route, it must be shown that the vacancy can not be filled by a resident worker. If a profession meets these criteria it will be listed in the ‘Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List’. As part of the point-based system, such applications are regarded as some of the most complicated to submit within the British immigration system. As a result, it requires expert advice from those within this field to ensure that all requirements are met. We at Adam Bernard Solicitors are best suited when completing such application as a result of the vast amount of experience we hold and the numerous successes we have achieved for our clients under this route.


  • The applicant must be in receipt of a valid job offer from a UK employer
  • The UK employer from where the offer has been made needs to hold a valid Tier 2 sponsor license
  • A Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship must be issued to the applicant
  • The applicant must be in receipt of an ‘appropriate salary’ – this normally requires an applicant to earn an annual salary of £30,000+.
  • The applicant must meet the required level of English
  • The applicant must have at least £945 of available funds continuously for 90 days before the date of application.

The above shows the foundations for seeking a visa under this route, however, it will evidently change depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant. It is fundamental that you receive comprehensive advice so that every aspect of your application is covered. Our immigration solicitors at Adam Bernard Solicitors will ensure that your application stands the best chance of success.

Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Applications under this route demand an acute understanding of the British immigration system. Our team of immigration solicitors in London have years of experience when making these applications to ensure that every aspect is covered.
  • We have served numerous client’s achieve entry to the United Kingdom to seek work as evidenced through our client testimonies.
  • To ensure your applications stands the best chance of success, visit one of our London offices today to have one of our team guide you through each stage of the process
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