Tier 5 – Temporary Workers Mobility Scheme

Tier 5 – Temporary Workers

Applications that fall under this category, as suggested through the title of this visa, are for jobs available that do not threaten the resident labour force, nor is it applicable for those to wish to base themselves permanently for business. Instead, the role for which the applicant is applying must be considered ‘supernumerary’ (i.e. one that goes beyond the usual requirements of the sponsor and one that they would not normally be recruiting to fill). The purpose of this is to ensure that the applicant is not filling a vacancy that ought to be given to a settled worker.

As evidenced from the above, this route can be difficult to navigate as a result of what the applicant needs to evidence in order to be successful (detailed below). It is therefore necessary that you receive comprehensive advice regarding the requirements that you have to meet to ensure that your application stands the best chance of success. Our team of immigration solicitors across each of our London offices have years of experience in making these applications and will guide you through each stage of the application process.

6 subcategories

Under this route, there are 6 fields of work that an applicant is able to apply under. These are the following:

  • Charity workers – specific to applicants coming to the United Kingdom to partake in voluntary work. An applicant will not be able to apply to do paid work for a charity under this route
  • Creative and Sporting – specific to applicants coming to the UK to perform as entertainers, creative artists or sports persons. An applicant will only be eligible to stay in the UK for 12 months in the event that their application is successful
  • Government Exchange – specific to applicants whom the UK government has authorised an exchange programme from another country with the aim to share knowledge and experience.
  • Religious Workers – Specific to those that are coming to work in aid of their respective religions
  • International Agreement – Specific to those who are coming to the United Kingdom to provide a service that is covered by international law
  • Seasonal Worker – The scope of this route has been expanded as a result of the post-Brexit fears regarding the fruit and veg industry in the UK. It allows applicants to seek entry to the UK at the relevant times of harvest

General Requirements

  • Certificate of Sponsorship – As like the other routes under the points-based system, all applicants will require a certified sponsor in order for their application to be successful.
  • Maintenance Funds – It must be shown that the applicant will have sufficient resources for the entirety of their visa in the UK.
  • TB Certificate
  • English Language Requirement

Evidently, the documents that one will need to submit will be dependent on the individual circumstances of the client. At Adam Bernards, our team of immigration solicitors will provide you with tailored advice to ensure that your application stands the best chance of success.

Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Our team of Immigration Solicitors in London have years of experience in conducting these applications
  • We have a high client success rate as evidenced through our client testimonies
  • Such applications demand a focused attention to the latest developments in this area of law. Our team have an acute understanding of the British labour market ensuring that you are aware of all the opportunities available
  • We will ensure that every aspect of your application is covered to ensure you stand the best chance of success.
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