Administrative Review

Administrative Review

If a decision has been reached regarding an application under the Point Based System (PBS), either submitted in the UK or outside, the applicant will normally be granted a right of Administrative Review against an ‘eligible decision’ based on Appendix AR of the Immigration Rules.

This means that you have a right to apply to the Home Office to review the decision(s) that have been made in relation to your application.

It is urgent that you seek comprehensive legal advice to deal with the matter as soon as possible as the review application is required to be submitted in accordance with the limited period stipulated in the Immigration Rules.

When submitting such reviews, it is paramount that you are in the hands of experts in this field. Our immigration departments in each of our offices in London have represented many clients through this process to ensure that their challenge stands the best chance of success. Our success rates and client testimonies emphasise our ability in this area and reinforce our competency in this convoluted area of law.

Why Adam Bernard Solicitors?

  • Our team of immigration solicitors in London have a years of experience when challenging the decision of the Home Office for decisions that our clients contest.
  • We have a high success rate when representing clients through this process. Our client testimonies evidence our ability in this capacity
  • When seeking a review of a decision, it is fundamental that you are guided by experts through this process. Our team of immigration solicitors will ensure that every aspect of your case is covered to ensure that you stand the best chance of success.
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