Our Immigration Solicitors in London

Our Immigration Solicitors in London

At Adam Bernard Solicitors in London, we have one of the leading teams of immigration lawyers in the UK. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with any situation regarding immigration. We are specialists in immigration law and we use our experience, expertise and insight to solve your personal and business immigration issues.

When considering or even planning your visa application process, you will need to give serious consideration as to under which category you will make your application. There are many categories available under which you can apply, whether it be an application under one of the UK skilled work visa scheme or any other UK visa scheme. To apply for a visa in the UK, we recommend that you speak with our expert immigration solicitors in London who can give you top quality immigration advice, through their experience, by which you can have the highest chance of success.

The UK immigration system is still, as tough as ever. The number of applications each year for entry clearance or UK visas continue to grow at a record high. Visas can be denied if the applicant made errors in their application or didn’t present an ideal set of circumstances surrounding their application. Sometimes, it is all in the presentation of your circumstances and even in many cases where the applicant qualifies, the lack of expertise to present the circumstances or facts in the correct way could result in denial of entry clearance.

If your visa application is refused, you are forced to leave the UK as soon as possible and cannot return until you have received a valid visa which has been approved by the entry clearance Immigration officer. You may not even get a personal interview.

But if you let experienced immigration solicitors handle your case, they will check for any basic mistakes you might make and correct them, with additional advice on filling out the form properly with all the information expected under each question or category of the application for the maximum chance of a favorable outcome.

A good immigration solicitor in London can be hard to find. When you need help with filling out immigration applications, representing you in a tribunal or court, dealing with the UK Home Office or just general advice on any aspect of UK Immigration Law, you will find there are many “so called” immigration lawyers that offer their services, but very few will be able to assist you with expert insight, knowledge and their first hand experience for a maximum chance of success.

Grant or Denial of Visa

A visa is only granted to those who have proven they are safe to be let into the country. If you have a history of getting in trouble with the law or have an arrest warrant for a serious charge pending, there is a possibility that your visa will be denied.

Visas can be denied for several reasons, including criminal records, prior immigration violations, incomplete or incorrect forms and insufficient funds. All visa applications require the applicant’s full disclosure of any facts that would have a bearing on the application. If requested, an applicant must also submit additional documents to support an application within a particular timeframe.

There are a lot of other reasons for denial of visas and they include not having required documentation, not passing the required medical examinations, or your job skills not matching with what is generally expected by the job role you intend to apply for. These are just some of the reasons that can lead to visas being denied but there are many more. Unfortunately in some cases, applicants are not given the reason for their visa refusal. The UKBA has the full discretion to grant or refuse any visa application on the basis of public interest.


However, there are some signs that may indicate why a visa has been be denied. One of our immigration lawyers in London should be able to review your case and assess what has gone wrong with your application and give you specific advice on how to fix them and proceed a re-application or appeal for a favorable outcome.

If you have been refused a Visa, you can appeal to the Home Office to reconsider the decision. However, it is important that you do not simply send the same application again but remember that they will be looking for new information. We have handled number of such cases and it requires careful assessment of your application and everything connected to it, with great attention to detail, in order to address them with a detailed reply to convince the Home Office to overturn the decision, with either presenting the information you already have in a more convincing format or with adding new information and evidence to the case where possible. We have even reversed the decision for some of toughest visa refusal cases, which, according to many experienced solicitors, had very little chance of success. But given our experience and expertise, we could achieve the impossible.

As part of our process, we will assign you to a solicitor who has reviewed several similar applications to yours and had succeeded in obtaining Visa for them recently. Because we have a free consultation policy when we onboard a client, you can have total confidence and assurance on how we can handle your case with responsibility and care, when you speak with our experienced solicitors for a few minutes. Your personal immigration solicitor will spend time with you ensuring that your application meets the standards set by the Home Office and UKVI.

Our Personal Immigration Solicitors in London

Our Personal Immigration Solicitors in London are specialized in the different types of visa applications that fall under personal immigration. Whether you want assistance with spouse visa application or extensions, child based applications, Asylum Claims or anything at all that comes under Personal Immigration category, we can help. We have one of the most experienced teams of personal immigration solicitors in London who has handled many immigration applications and had almost always had highly favorable results. Why would you take a risk by applying all by yourself when you can get the expertise and experience of specialized immigration solicitors to help you to get the process done with full responsibility and accountability? At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we can handle your Personal Immigration applications with utmost care and responsibility, being totally accountable with what we do.

Our Business Immigration Solicitors in London

Our Business Immigration Solicitors in London has the experience and expertise to provide you with the best possible advice regarding business immigration applications or answer any questions related to business immigration matters. There are many business visa options for getting into the UK and one that’s right for you will depend on your situation. Businesses need to be careful with their visa applications – there’s a lot of legal danger involved, and consequences can be extreme. Why would you risk your investment in time and money by applying for a business visa on your own, when you can simply handover the case to the professionals in the field who has wealth of knowledge and experience to process the application to assure a high chance of success? We at Adam Bernard Solicitors, take care of your business immigration matters with utmost responsibility, providing you the right advice, which will save you time, money and possible frustration of not having a knowledgeable experienced professional on your side.

Speak to our Immigration Solicitors in London today, using our Free Consultation service! We are really sure that you will be totally confident and comfortable about our knowledge and responsibility in handling your case, once you talk with us for a few minutes!

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