Fee for Conveyancing

Fees for conveyancing

We charge fix fee for residential properties for purchase price less than £500,000.00

1Our fee£ 950.00 + VAT
2Acting for the lender if applicable£ 250.00 + VAT
3Fee for land transaction tax return£75.00+ VAT
 4Admin charges for bank transfers£30.00 + VAT
 5Searches£300.00 Approximately
6Bankruptcy search per name£3.00
7OS1 per name£3.90
8AML check£15

If Applicable the following charges:

1Gift admin fee per giftor£100.00+VAT
2Indemnity arrangement fee£30.00 +VAT


For all properties above £500,000 we charge fix fee of £.025% of the value of property.
On all our costs we charge vat currently @20%.

All disbursements including stamp duty, land registry fee, searches costs, aml checks etc will be paid by the client.

This estimate will be affected by any difficulties that may arise during the course of the transaction and if that happens, we may have to increase our charges. We will inform in advance before we incur any additional costs and provide you with a revised estimate.

We calculate the charges by reference to the time spent in working for you. At the moment our solicitors with over 8 years’ experience are £267 per hour, solicitors with over 4 years’ experience are £229 per hour, other solicitors are £165 per hour, non-solicitor advisors are £121 per hour, and paralegals and trainee solicitor are £110 per hour, all plus vat


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