About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2010, Adam Bernard Solicitors is based in two locations, with our central office based in Upton Park, East London, and offices in Edgware road, City of London. We thrive to assist the local community on a wide range of legal matters. We are passionate in our pursuit to justice for all our clients. We understand the difficulties on our client and therefore ensure that we meet client expectations through our competency and professionalism. We are instructed by national and international clients. We have a formidable reputation which has allowed us to expand our services to various areas of legal practice.

What We Do

At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we have a passionate, dedicated, and astute team of legal professionals with expertise and specialism in various areas of legal practice. We represent a both individuals and businesses, ensuring that the advice given is tailored to meet the needs and wishes of our individual clients. Every case is handled with enthusiasm and proactivity. We have a reputation for excellence and pride ourselves on providing the best outcome and at a reasonable legal cost. We aim to ensure that our client’s are satisfied and content with the legal services provided.

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