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Mr Rizwan has been amazing helping me from day one up-to today the 4of September,2021 I will 100 percent recommend him and Adam Bernard solicitors to my friends and families and I am more than happy to recommend to all Ghanaians on radio and social media Thank very much MR Rizwan
Akua Boatemaa
Akua Boatemaa
I am really happy today that i got my visa, Mr patrick Apraku has done a fantastic job and these people are a highly professional.10/10 Recommended
Nana Ampadu
Nana Ampadu
I am with much excitement, joy and gratefulness to Mr Patrick Apraku for assisting me to obtain my immigration status very successful in UK. Indeed he served me the client (Patrick Boadi) with all his qualities expected of him as a legal practitioner and am really proud of you. Thanks so much and God richly bless you. From:Patrick Boadi
Patrick Boadi
Patrick Boadi
A professional institution always feel pleasure to visit
Mobeen Chaudhry (Journalistmobi)
Mobeen Chaudhry (Journalistmobi)
Adam Bernard Solicitors is very professional in their manner and respectful of the people they offer a service to. Each stage of the process was clearly explained to me by my solicitor Anthony and any relevant information required from myself was sort after with haste, making the process very smooth. I would highly recommend Adam Bernard Solicitors to family and friends for their services and professionalism.
Timothy Onagbeboma
Timothy Onagbeboma
I must appreciate the Adam bernand solicitors .they helped me to come over the problem and solved it easily.they are excellent in terms of law firm.
Adarsh Gudidala
Adarsh Gudidala
Ali Syed
Ali Syed
It's professional & polite staff and behaviour also to good thank you Adam Bernard solicitors
Nish Sharma
Nish Sharma
Excellent experience with them, very good, competitive and cooperative staff!!

Our Immigration Solicitors in London

Do you want to live and work in the UK? Did you know that there are various types of visa you can apply for in order to come to the UK? Whether you’re studying, working, or just visiting, you have to make sure that you secure the correct visa applicable for your circumstances. Our lawyers in the immigration department have a wealth of experience in helping individuals and businesses to deal with almost every type of visa application.

Our immigration solicitors has the expertise to cover all aspects of the British immigration system. Our advice covers all areas of immigration law from entry clearance and visas, right through to obtaining British citizenship or applying for settlement in the United Kingdom.

The UK’s immigration rules can be difficult to navigate, particularly if you are new to the country. Our team of qualified immigration solicitors have considerable experience advising individuals and businesses and know the local laws inside out.

If you’re thinking about moving to the UK, or you need some help with your immigration application, don’t hesitate to contact our Immigration Solicitors in London. Our expert team is here to help you with any question or legal issue regarding your immigration. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of British immigration law. We are able to advise and assist clients throughout their immigration process right from the start through to obtaining their visa.

The main emphasis of our work is on convincing the Home Office with well structured information, but our expertise also extends into family and nationality law matters including deportations, removal and exclusion orders and administrative detention. We have also acted for clients in relation to contracts of employment and free movement rights. We pride ourselves on giving high quality legal advice, invariably acting in our client’s best interests at all times.

There’s no denying the fact that immigration is a topical subject. There is a lot of talk about it in parliament and the media, and you’ll be hard pressed to not find an article related to immigration on your Facebook feed these days. Immigration law is also highly complex, which makes finding a trustworthy immigration lawyer very difficult. Is the lawyer you randomly picked out from Google going to speak common sense? If it’s time for you to begin the process of bringing over an overseas relative or a business associate, or filing for citizenship for yourself, then you are well advised to start seeking expert advice.

At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we provide a professional, efficient and confidential service to all our clients. Our specialist immigration solicitors have years of experience in acting on behalf of individuals, families and businesses. We have been assisting people with their immigration issues at all stages of the British immigration system, from helping them through making an application to providing support throughout their stay in the UK or assisting them with their appeal in front of the First Tier Tribunal.

Our Immigration Solicitors in London welcomes any questions you may have and are ready to assist with your immigration application. We have a free consultation system in place, so please call us NOW and arrange an initial free consultation NOW!

Our Family Lawyers 

At London-based Adam Bernard Solicitors, we have a lot of experience in dealing with wide range of family cases. We understand that choosing a family lawyer can be difficult, there are many factors to consider, and one mistake can have a damaging effect on various issues ranging from property, parenting and finances.

At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we believe it is important to have a strong support system behind you, our highly diligent team of Family Lawyers have the expertise and understanding on how to deal with your case and ensure that you are supported through a difficult time.

Our highly acclaimed Family Lawyers have the skills to effectively assist and guide you through the process regarding your matter, they are able to advise you on what your rights are in various areas of family law, including divorce, child custody, child contact, finances such as property within divorce and asset sharing. We understand that court proceedings can be stressful, we endeavour to make the proceedings as smooth as possible. We are able to assist you in understanding what the court requires and how to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

At London Adam Bernard Solicitors, our dedicated Family Lawyers care about their clients, we understand that our duty goes above and beyond the legal aspect of cases, we make sure that we can assist in all aspects concerning your life. We understand that instructing a family lawyer can be stressful, it can be an emotional time, we make sure that all your needs are well taken care off even after you have finished instructing us.

Our Family Lawyers guarantee that your case will be handled with the upmost professionalism, dedication and perseverance. They have excellent knowledge in many areas within family law raging from divorce, child contact, property in divorce cases, asset sharing, child custody and more.


At London Adam Bernard Solicitors we understand that getting a divorce can be a worrying and confusing time.  Our Family Lawyers can assist you with any difficulties and concerns you have, we are able to aid and advise you on the outcome you wish to achieve including child contact, property and domestic abuse.

Child contact and residence

Being away from your child after a relationship breakdown and not coming to an arrangement with the other party can be extremely stressful and upsetting, at Adam Bernard Solicitors our Family Lawyers are aware of the difficulties that comes with child contact and child custody, they aim to assist and advise appropriately on matters ensuring that both children and parents needs are fully met.

Child relocation

A parent who relocates abroad without the other parents consent could be guilty of child abduction, at Adam Bernard Solicitors our Family Lawyers are able to assist in advising and completing the necessary applications to gain the courts consent and achieve the relevant outcome.

Financial order

Our highly skilled Family Lawyers at Adam Bernard Solicitors are able to assist when applying for a financial order. They are knowledgeable in many areas such as property in divorce, asset sharing, pension sharing and more.

Protecting your assets

Many spouses attempt hide or prevent the other party from receiving their assets post-divorce. At London Adam Bernard Solicitors our Family Lawyers are able to assist in ensuring that you claim your rightful share of assets.

Cohabitation contacts

We understand that some couples are not ready for marriage or in fact do not want to get married but would like to cohabitate. Adam Bernard solicitors are able to aid any couples in drafting a cohabitation contact setting out each parties terms and conditions in the event of a relationship breakdown

Pre-nuptial agreements

At London Adam Bernard Solicitors, we are able to assist in drafting a pre-nuptial agreement, this agreement effectively sets out the wishes of the couples before marriage, it can include information regarding finances, asset sharing, child contact, property in the event of a divorce.

Post- nuptial agreement

Our Expert Family Lawyers at Adam Bernard Solicitors have the ability to draft post-nuptial agreements, this agreement can set out the wishes of the couples’ post-divorce, it can include information regarding finances, asset sharing, child contact, property.

Missing spouse and tracing system

There are many cases where parties are unaware of the location of their child or ex-partner, this can be proven difficult when applying for divorce or child contact. At London Adam Bernard Solicitors, alongside our Family Lawyers, we also have a dedicated tracing service team who have the expertise in locating missing persons.

Special Guardianship orders

Sometimes parents are not the first choice in terms of taking care of children, in this case a special guardian ship order can be made by the court, this essentially places the child with someone who is not their parent. At Adam Bernard Solicitors, our Family Lawyers are able to assist and advise in terms of drafting the relevant applications and statements. Our Family Lawyers also assist the local authority with the legal process concerning special guardianship orders.


Adoption can be a wonderful thing yet there are many rules and regulations in place, and it is important to follow the UK Adoption law. Our diligent Family Lawyers’ have knowledge and skills to advise and assist in the application ensuring that the adoption is recognised in the UK.

Mediation and dispute resolution

Mediation is a process whereby an independent and neutral person attempts to come to an agreement with both sides without taking the matter to court, there are many areas that can be covered such as child contact, asset sharing, child custody, finances and more. At Adam Bernard Solicitors we are able to assist in the mediation process and have a great team who are committed to aid as much as possible.

Service of court documents

There are many cases where the opposing party attempts to avoid service concerning documents served by the court or they are no longer living in the UK. At Adam Bernard Solicitors we have process serves ensuring that we can serve documents properly with results.

Our Legal Contracts Lawyers

Here at London-based Adam Bernard Solicitors, we believe that the safeguards and protections available within contract law should no longer be reserved for large corporations with costly in-house legal departments. The innovative Legal Contracts Department presents the opportunity for small and medium businesses (SME’s) to gain access to bespoke contracts to suit business requirements and interests at accessible prices.

We believe that not all contracts are created equally but our department aims to bridge the gap between legal terminology and your business’s best interests:

Is your supplier always late? Let our Business Contract Lawyers impose a late delivery fee’s clause within your distribution agreement.

Are you start-up business? Let our Terms and Conditions Lawyers handle your consumer-to-business contracts or business-to-business contracts.

Are you worried about renting out your second property for the first time? Let our expert Tenancy Drafting Lawyers draft a tenancy agreement that is bespoke to your needs.

The Adam Bernard Difference

Here at Adam Bernards Solicitors, we like to give our clients a truly high-quality service and more than that, we want our clients to understand the value of what we do. That’s why; with every contract you trust us to complete, we’ll provide you with an in-depth consultation with one of our expert business contract lawyers, your drafted contract and an additional re-draft should you require it. We encourage our clients to think about what matters to their business most whether that is saving time, cost effective measures, ethical considerations, or something completely niche. The advantage of having a tailor-made contract drafted by our expert business contract lawyers is that it will truly represent the aspects that are important to your business, whether this is based on an existing model looking to expand or a complete start up.

We work exclusively with start-up’s, small, and medium businesses, so we understand that wasted time is much worse than wasted money. Our business contract lawyers are business people first and legal experts second. This means our experts are able to draft contracts with provisions that are legally binding and commercially competitive. If you have a deadline in mind, we offer an express service so you could have your custom contract drafted within a matter of days.

A Fixed-Fee Contract Price Model

Gone are the days’ where you enter a law firm unaware of how much of your hard-earned money you will be spending. We are committed to being different, that’s why our fixed price model option allows total clarity and peace of mind. You will be aware after the initial consultation with our expert business contract drafting lawyers exactly how much the job will cost. Need more than one contract? Why not explore utilise our package service? Packages can be fully customised, speak to one of our advisors today to find the perfect model for you.

What is included within our Fixed-Fee Contract price?

Our expert contract lawyers’ will work for you and with you to ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

Your fixed-fee will be inclusive of:

  1. an in-depth consultation that is an hour or longer;
  2. your drafted Contract; and
  3. an additional re-draft should you have any minor changes.

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

What is a contract? A contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties that imposes rights and obligations respectively. What does this mean? Stay with us. As we’re committed to absorbing the jargon; what if I was to tell you that you probably have been party to a contract several times today already. Whether that was on the tube on the way to work, buying coffee or the fact that you attended work at all was all reliant on contracts.

So, what forms a contract? Contrary to popular belief not all legally binding contracts are written, as oral contracts are also binding in most situations in Contract Law. In fact, the method of communication in which a contract is made is immaterial, which means even a nod of the head, (providing that all the other elements that form a contract are also established) can form a contract, although for clarity and evidential purposes it is always advised to ensure all important agreements are written. For a contract to be legally binding it only requires four key elements; Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, and Intention to Create Legal Relations.

The Initial Offer Element:

This comprises of one party making an offer or proposal to the other. Alone, it does not create a legally binding contract and the person or entity offering it can only fulfil this aspect of the contract if they intent to be bound by the terms that they are offering. Offer’s must always be certain to a degree and cannot be ambiguous in nature; for example, “The Rolex will be around £2,000-£6,000”, could be considered uncertain as a opposed to, “The Rolex is priced at £4,500”. This ensures that both parties are completely clear on what they are respectively offering and accepting.

The Acceptance Element:

Acceptance is exactly as it sounds; it entails saying “yes” to the proposed offer. In this situation, this should be a response that’s considered to be informed, informed in that it requires the subsequent party to understand the terms to which they are agreeing including price.

Concrete Consideration Element:

Consideration makes up the price that a party pays in exchange for the promise (good/service) from the other. An interesting aspect of consideration is the peppercorn concept whereby the price paid does not need to reflect the value of the product, instead the mere fact that something is paid in consideration of the offer is enough. For example, someone paying half price for a coat that someone else paid full price for is not indictive of any less of a contract taking place.

Intention to Create A Legal Relationship:

The fourth and perhaps most essential element is that both party’s consent to be a part of the legal obligation and to be entering a legally binding agreement. A legally binding agreement is an agreement that is recognised by law. This element can be fulfilled as most contracts are between two businesses or a business and an individual, the law applies the standard of the assumption of a reasonable person, so in these circumstances it is usually clear that there was a definite intention to create a legal relationship.

An Overview of Our Contractual Services

This is by no means a comprehensive list and our business contract lawyers pride ourselves in rising to even the most complex contract drafting challenges.

Industry Contracts

Employment Contracts

Business Contracts

Directors Services Contracts

Joint Venture Agreements

Distribution Contracts

Sale and Purchase Contracts

Shareholder Contracts

Interpreting Contracts

I.T and Software Contracts

Partnership Contracts

Privacy Contracts

Data Sharing Contracts

Supply of Services Contracts

Data and GDPR Contracts

Tenancy Agreements

Agency Agreements

White Label Mobile Agreements

Franchise Agreements

Non-disclosure Agreenents (NDA’s)

Don’t see the contract you need? Enquire today for your free 15 minute consultation to see how we can help.

Property and Conveyancing Solicitors in London

At Adam Bernard Solicitors, we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of conveyancing throughout the UK. From residential to commercial property law, business transactions and more, we have the knowledge and expertise that you need. We started our services over a decade ago and our expertise is dealing with residential and commercial property transactions. As an independent law firm, we aim to provide a professional, outstanding and efficient service to all prospective purchasers and vendors alike, and use our years of experience in the legal profession to achieve this.
Whether you are buying, selling or renting property in London, we will deliver a professional service tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our experienced property lawyers in London have a wealth of knowledge that they use to advise on every aspect of your property transaction. Whether you are making your first move, remortgage or planning to sell your home or business, our team of Property Solicitors in London is here for you.

If you have been planning on selling your property in London, you should know that the conveyancing market in London has become hot. Our property and conveyancing solicitors will help you in taking an informed decision to avoid any future legal issues that come afterwards, and would be definitely helpful in keeping your rights protected. If you want to buy or sell property with zero hassle, our property solicitors in London are ready to assist you.

The conveyancing process can be intimidating. There is so much paperwork and terminology involved that even the most confident homeowners may feel like they need help. Fortunately, help for property buyers and sellers in London exists in the form of conveyancing solicitors specialising in residential & commercial property law. Our team of experienced Property Solicitors are among the best, and our service helps make the paperwork and terminology involved in the conveyancing process clear and understandable, making sure that you get the best possible service during buying or selling any property. With years of experience handling conveyancing in London, we take the hassle out of the process by acting as your conveyancing lawyer, saving you time and money.

If you are buying or selling a property, you can have the peace of mind you deserve by using our conveyancing services. We are a reliable conveyancing firm, led by a team of dedicated property lawyers who operate at only the highest standard. Our expert property solicitors in London work closely with clients to streamline the property buying/selling process at every stage.

Our London conveyancing solicitors have years of combined experience dealing with all kinds of property transactions. We have a long history of providing superior conveyancing services to private clients, landlords, and developers for their residential & commercial property transactions in London.

Our conveyancing solicitors in London are friendly and approachable. They are all experts in the field and known for their high standard of service. Our London conveyancing solicitors are always happy to answer any questions about purchases, sales, and mortgages.

0207 100 2525